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What Are Prebiotics: Foods, Health Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Prebiotics foods benefits

Are you feeling discomfort or pain in your abdomen and does it feel like gas and bloating, and many of us are ashamed to discuss about their bowl movement and their poop and even though they are struggling, Everyone bowel habits are different and pooping is an important part of digestion process, many of us use to fail in this process. 

Are you worried about your bowel movement that you are facing in daily life?

You may come across the term & Prebiotic which are complex carbohydrates that usually contain a certain types of bacteria in the gut that encouraging them to grow in volume.

Good bacteria that plays a crucial role in regulating the immune system which inhibiting the growth of the pathogens and digesting food. 

Insoluble fiber which is difficult for the body to process and passing relatively that intact through the digestive system, there are trillions of microorganisms present in the gut which collectively called as gut macrobiota and by what we put into the gut that can change or alter the composition of the gut micro biome

What are Prebiotics?

You may come across the term prebiotics which are commonly having complex carbohydrates which usually that contain a types of bacteria in the gut and help to encouraging the bacteria to grow .Good bacteria that plays a crucial role in regulating the immune system which inhibiting the growth of the pathogens and digesting food.

Foods for Prebiotic

Prebiotic food are dietary fiber that feed the friendly good bacteria in the gut, some the food like

1. Chicory Root

2. Dandelion Greens

3. Jerusalem Artichoke

4. Garlic

5. Onions

6. Leeks

7. Asparagus

8. Bananas

9. Barley

10. Oats

11. Apples

12. Raw Garlic

13. Raw Wheat Bran

14. Konjac Root

15. Cocoa

14. Burdock Root

15. Flaxseeds

16. Yacon Root

17. Jicama Root

19. Seaweed

Probiotic Food Sources

Foods high in probiotics are fermented dairy products. These foods naturally contain prebiotics which making them synbiotic. Some of the most common fermented dairy products like

  • Yogurt
  • Cheeses
  • Kefir
  • Sour cream

The Preparation how much do you need ?

Most of the foods and their composition of prebiotic fiber food will change when they are cooked. Heating or cooking anything changes its composition, thus altering its natural occurring state. In the case of prebiotics, if you cook them, you lose some of that precious prebiotic properties.The exact prebiotic fiber is lost when these foods are cooked but it is safe to consume if they less heated the more they will retain that healthy prebiotic fiber. So, instead of cooking those mentioned food in above article toss them in a salad and eat them raw.

However if you need them then cook, minimally steaming them will allow them to retain more of that prebiotic fiber than it would if you were to boil or sauté them.


 Normally while you may be consuming prebiotic foods in your diet, there’s no guarantee you are consuming the suggested 5 grams a day minimum for achieving the optimal beneficial health effects.

The prebiotics compound that can occur naturally in many foods and can be easily introduced into the diet. You may easily find in the some vegetables, fruits like onions, bananas and garlic.You can also find them in more concentrated forms, such as nutritional supplements

Health Benefits of Prebiotics

Prebiotics are one of the most exciting technologies in gut health research and studies demonstrate that prebiotic foods that can work naturally in the gut, selectively nourishing beneficial good bacteria which ferments dietary fibre.

Beneficial bacteria, such as bifid bacteria, aid in digestion and help the body to produce the important and useful nutrients that it needs, including short chain fatty acids.

  • It helps boosting digestive health
  • It improves the barrier function of the gut
  • It supports the immune system
  • It helps to improve the absorption of several minerals
  • Reducing the inflammation and symptoms associated with a sensitive stomach
  • Minimising the risk of developing diarrhoea
  • Help to prevention of the obesity
  • It helps to relieving constipation
  • Enhance the body mineral 
  • Enhance the nutrient uptake
  • It helps to Contributing positively to your mental health, including stress
  • It increasing the absorption of calcium to improve bone density
  • It lowers the potential risk factors like cardiovascular disease

Prebiotics for IBS

Prebiotics compound are the microorganisms that supplement and nourishes the natural bacteria that encouraging them to grow in the volume.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which is common disorder which affects the large intestine there will be symptoms like cramping, bloating gas,diarrhea or constipation.

Research and clinical studies shown that IBS patients may give a combination of prebiotics which help in significant improvement in the abdominal pain, bloating and constipation.

Positive Side Effects

  • Prebiotics foods that is high in fiber nutrients that support the digestive health.
  • Prebiotics that usually help that contain a certain types of bacteria in the gut
  • Prebiotics foods have also been shown to improve the metabolic health that prevents certain diseases.
  • And according to studies and research most prebiotics that can be safely consumed without any side effects.
  • In case if you have IBS or any other gastrointestinal disorders, you should consult with physician before including prebiotics in your diet.

Prebiotics for General Health

Prebiotics that can be consumed in foods or in mode of supplement, since prebiotics that are non-digestible fiber, and they are found in many plants and foods that provides a good nutrition, however side effects are rare and most adults can safely include food that contain prebiotics on their diets.




Prebiotics compounds food that can include growth or activity of the crucial beneficial microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, this is the common example of the gastrointestinal tract where the prebiotics can modify the composition of organisms in the gut.

You may be familiar with the insoluble and soluble fiber; you can easily understand the important features of the prebiotic foods. Prebiotics help the easy things in the digestive system; it promotes the growth of microorganisms in the intestines by means of bacteria.

This article provides you the 20 best prebiotic foods that you should eat to stimulate the growth of the healthy bacteria in the gut.


This remarkable food has many multiple properties that help the body in peak condition, Asparagus contains the prebiotic fiber which is known as the best food source of healthy gut bacteria, these bacteria help to support the digestive system and you can expect less bloating after meals. It is an important source of nutrients and asparagus is delicious.


Chicory roots are from a plant that has bright blue flowers and it is well known as high in fiber, it is packed with prebiotic fiber and the inulin it feeds only beneficial bacteria to your gut since the Chicory roots have high fiber promotes the healthy digestion and it also support for weight loss.


Onions are the best source of the fiber which is necessary for optimal gut health, including onions in diet help you to get optimal gut health, there are 100 trillion bacteria and the microbes that live in the intestine.


Garlic high in inulin is a non-digestible carbohydrate for functional fiber, it acts as fuel for bacteria and feeds the good bacteria in the digestive system. Try to include garlic in salad, toast.


Raw fruit is particularly important for sources of gut microbes, you should eat the whole apple it includes the peel, the apples were found to contain a more balanced bacteria which may help for the better gut.


Artichoke which contains high amounts of inulin and the supports the digestive health and variety of insoluble fibers, the impact on these components are well known for gut macrobiota


Bananas have different nutritional benefits providing you the energy, eating an unripe banana is ideal for creating good gut bacteria. This fruit is low in sugar that provides you the fuel for probiotics.


Flax seeds which are loaded with nutrients are high in omega 3, Consuming flaxseed may help to change the microbe and improve metabolic health.


Seaweed contains a good fiber and the sugar which can be used as the good sources for the bacteria in your gut, gut bacteria able to digest seaweed simply.


The root of the vegetable is good for the digestive system and also helps to fix the acidity and gastric problems, a certain compound in radishes known as arabinogalactans which help to feed the good bacteria.


Sweet potatoes are a good source of resistant starch, it is loaded with the gut microbiome, and the antioxidants in the sweet potatoes may provide the gut benefits and help to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.


Cabbage is the excellent and great prebiotic foods that contain insoluble fibers that keep the digestive system healthy and provide you with friendly bacteria that promote regular bowel movements.


Blueberries are rich in polyphenols, and it has an antimicrobial and antioxidative effect, it is rich in antioxidants that prevent damage to your body at a cellular level, it is well known for being prebiotic.


Mushrooms are a rich source of the beta-glucans; they have prebiotic properties that help to improve the growth of healthy bacteria.


Peas that do wonders for your digestion and it is high in fiber content and helps to maintain a good digestive health

  1. LEEKS

Leeks that contain an inulin fiber that remote a healthy gut bacteria which help to the breakdown down fat and digestions, these bacteria reduce the inflammation and promote the digestive system.


The dandelion root promotes digestion and stimulates the appetite which balances the good bacteria; it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and also helps to balance the blood glucose levels.


Konjac helps to increase the stool bulk and improve the ecology in health, and it promotes the bacteria which reduces constipation.


Cocoa powder is beneficial for the heart and also for weight control, the bacteria forming help the gut to break down components into molecules that reduce the stress and blood vessels.


Coconut oil packed with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal nutrient lauric acid which supports helping and boost immunity and more importantly it improves gut health.

Benefits of Prebiotics

  1. Prebiotics are high in fibre that supports digestive health; you can include prebiotics foods to get a healthy gut.
  2. It provides you with good and friendly bacteria in the gut and helps with various health digestive problems.
  3. Prebiotics food improves the digestion and improves the overall health.
  4. Boost the immune system and help to lose weight and balance the good bacteria to good gut health.

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Peak BioBoost Review


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Peak BioBoost Review

Everyone bowel habits are different and pooping is an important part of the digestion process, many of us use to fail in this process. Are you worried about the bowel movement that you are facing in daily life?

Are you feeling discomfort or pain in your abdomen, does it feel like gas and bloating? Many people are ashamed to discuss about their bowel movement and their poop even though they are struggling.

Eating food that upset the digestive system will causes much harm into your gut. Lack of bowel movements creates bloating, cramps, thin or loose stools, Water stools. There many other solutions for digestion and improving your poop do those works properly or they come with many negative side effects? Here is the solution for those who are facing the problem of bowl movement.

What is Peak BioBoost ?

Peak BioBoost is a healthy superfood that is basically constituted of probiotics. There are no chemicals, no additives. A dietary supplement is flavorless which can be mixed easily in any foods like the meals which you are taking daily or liquid form like coffee, juice, etc. Some of the studies found that there are at least 10-15 pounds of waste extract, which is present in the body of a fleshy person. 

How does it work?

The products contains prebiotic supplement reduces bloating, and promotes healthy digestion. This formula improves the bowel movements completely empty. This supplement works in excellent ways, Product contains Probiotic which relieves stress. It also helps brain function.

The formula maintains good gut bacteria which helps to maintain a healthy balance, By taking this supplement, you can poop  171% more than usual, The plant-based formula helps you poop better. With this dairy-free powdered mix, you can get roust of waste in your body regularly and painless which helps you lead a healthy life.

It is specially made to improve the performance of the bowel movement. The added prebiotic combination will support to take care of good bacteria, which will help breakdown the nutrients from the food also controls the desired hormones help function of the digestive system and reduces the domination of bad gut bacteria. Peak BioBoost prebiotic effectively acts with the issues related to the digestive system by finding the roots of the problem.

Peak Bioboost Ingredients

There are no synthetic ingredients or harmful chemical present in this. To make Peak BioBoost dietary supplement the formulated natural ingredients are listed below

  • Acacia Gum
  • Flaxseed
  • Insulin
  • FOS-Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides

Acacia Gum : It is the gum that is evacuate from the acacia tree, the fiber that can dissolve in water easily. Acacia used for throat or stomach inflammation and it tends to make people feel full which might lead to weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels. Acacia is good source of fiber which relieves pain and irritation and promotes oral health.


Flaxseed is known benefits to your digestive health or relieves constipation, it may also help lower blood cholesterol, which may help to reduce heart disease. It has excellent source of omega-3fatty acids. Not only is flaxseed speed up intestinal motion but it also increases stool frequency and stool weight in both normal and constipated.


Insulin is Hormone made in your pancreas, after a meal or snack, the digestive system breaks down carbohydrates and changes into glucose. Insulin helps balance your blood glucose levels. Insulin causes cells throughout your body to absorb the sugar and use it for energy and it helps to protect the body from disease.


FOS are considered prebiotics, it helps feed the good bacteria in the intestine and make passing stool less painful for constipation. FOS which are low calorie it also help the growth and balance of important bacteria in the digestive tract.


Pooping on timely manner is bad for digestive health,you might not feel comfortable. Peak BioBoost help your health in many ways rather than just for good poop. It helps the digestive system by helping important bacteria for your digestive tract. It boosts your heart health. It makes me feel more energetic throughout the day.

Buying Peak BioBoost and How Much does it cost?

Peak Bioboost has probiotics that have several improvements to your health. The dietary supplement available only on the official website. Here is the link mypeakbiome.com from where you can purchase. Here is the price, you get ;

1 Bottle for $49.95

3 Bottle cost of $34.95 each

6 Bottle for $29.95 each (BEST VALUE)

All the above packages come with a 1-year money-back guarantee which you can claim if you are satisfied with this product.


  • It boosts immune system and boosts the function
  • Boost your heart health and fight against cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduce Inflammations in the body
  • Supports important bacteria for the digestive tract
  • Easy to mix with any meals
  • Help to promote perfect poop regular basis
  • Help to reduce weight by making you feel full
  • It has a combination of natural ingredients
  • Boost overall health
  • You will energetic throughout the day
  • The product has a money-Back guarantee if you are not satisfied


  • The product is only available on the official website

Side Effects

The product has no negative side effects it has probiotic which only helps good gut bacteria for the digestive tract. It made of natural ingredients that improve overall health.

Final Verdict

The prebiotic supplements allow body to feel a good and healthier way. Peak BioBoost has many great qualities that improve constipation, bowel movements, and also targets the root cause of issues. It has natural ingredients without any side effects it will improve overall health . And it can be easily mixed in any meals or beverages it soothes gut inflammation. The product has 365 days money-back guarantee to visit the official website “mypeakbiome.com” here to Buy and have perfect poop on regularly.

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